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Code for creditors

If you have debts because of the childcare benefit problems and have received €30,000, your public and private debts will be paused for one year. For public debts, this happens automatically, you do not have to do anything. Private creditors can be informed with a special code. You will receive this code after you have received €30,000.

Parents who have received at least €30,000 will receive a letter. This letter contains information about the pause button a special code for private creditors. 

Private creditors do not know who got into debt because of the childcare benefit problems. Creditors can use this special code to check whether you are a victim and, if so, pause your debts with them.

Your current benefit partner will later receive a letter with a code which he or she can pass on to his or her creditors.

Please note: This code will not solve your debts.

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