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Benefits Recovery Operation Act

After the House of Representatives, the Senate also approved the Benefits Recovery Operation Act. After the law was published in the Official Gazette on 5 November 2022, it came into effect. The Act includes additional schemes in addition to existing ones, such as the child scheme and the scheme for those affected by healthcare benefit, rent benefit and/or supplementary child benefit.

The Act should clarify the components of the recovery operation, and when affected parents can qualify for a particular scheme.


The Act includes the following schemes:

  • Catshuis Childcare Benefit Scheme: payment of €30,000 and dealing with debts.
  • Scheme for further financial compensation in cases where the actual loss exceeds the initial payment of €30,000.
  • Child scheme: children of affected parents also receive financial compensation. In addition, they can benefit from help and broad support in various areas.
  • Rent benefit, healthcare benefit and/or supplementary child benefit scheme: those affected by these benefits will also receive financial compensation.
  • Scheme for parents now living abroad.

Ex-partner scheme

A supplementary Act is created for affected ex-partners. Has the applicant been affected? If so, that parent receives financial compensation. The compensation is intended for the whole household. However, there are cases where the payment does not reach all those affected.

The government has therefore decided to compensate former allowance partners as well. The scheme started at September 2023.

Relatives of deceased victims

Another supplementary Act is created for relatives of deceased victims. This Act includes relatives of those who are proven to be affected. More information will follow when available.

Do you need immediate help?

Can you not wait any longer for a scheme to be implemented? Here you can find out where to ask for help.

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