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Compensation scheme

There are various schemes to help solve the childcare benefit problems. One of these schemes is the compensation scheme. Below you can read who this scheme is meant for. And what components the compensation consists of.

For whom is the compensation scheme meant?

This scheme is intended for parents who have been treated in a biased manner by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration/Toeslagen.

Biased means that we assumed from the start that parents would probably not be entitled to childcare benefits. With hindsight, we have often drawn conclusions too quickly. And that we therefore gave parents no or insufficient opportunity to demonstrate that they were indeed entitled to childcare benefit. As a result, these parents have lived in uncertainty for an unnecessarily long time, have suffered financially and their sense of justice has been diminished.

Example of biased treatment

Example of biased treThe Dutch Tax and Customs Administration checks whether a childcare organisation complies with the childcare benefit rules. After conducting an investigation, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration thinks that this may not be the case. The childcare organisation is suspected of childcare benefit fraud. Subsequently, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration also checks all parents who are registered with this childcare organisation. Before the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration starts checking these parents, it stops paying the childcare benefit to everyone of them. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration does so without checking whether the parents have done anything wrong. After the childcare benefit has been discontinued, the parents have to send information. The information sent by the parents is not properly processed or gets lost. When parents file an objection, they have to wait a very long time for a reply.
Often the payment of the childcare benefit was discontinued wrongfully.

The compensation scheme and the Catshuis scheme

In December 2020, the government decided to help affected parents more quickly and generously. For example, by paying out €30,000 to all affected parents as soon as possible. This is the Catshuis Childcare Benefit Scheme.

In order to pay you as soon as possible, we do not conduct an extensive investigation into what exactly went wrong. Or to what exact amount you are entitled. We only conduct a first assessment to see if you, as a parent, have been affected by the childcare benefit problems.

You may be entitled to more money. We will conduct a more detailed assessment after you have received €30,000. That is called an integrated assessment. During this assessment, you will be assigned a personal case officer who will help you. During this assessment, we will look at exactly which other scheme you qualify for. For example, the compensation scheme.

I have already received €30,000. What does this mean for my compensation?

If you qualify for the compensation scheme, we will calculate exactly how much you are entitled to. If that amount is higher than €30,000, we will pay you the difference.

For example, you are entitled to compensation amounting to €45,000. You have already received €30,000. We will pay you another €15,000.

If that amount is less than €30,000, you will not get any extra money. But you do not have to pay anything back either.

My damages are higher than the amount of compensation I will receive. What can I do?

Have you suffered more damages than the amount compensated under the compensation scheme? If so, you can ask the Committee on Actual Damages (Dutch) to look at your situation. This committee investigates whether you are entitled to more money.

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