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What if we reject your apply?

To assess whether you are a victim, the Allowance Restoration Organisation (UHT) performs an initial assessment and usually an integrated assessment as well. Were you informed that, according to the UHT, you are not a victim? If so, you are not eligible for childcare benefit restoration. Perhaps you did not expect this outcome. Then you are faced with a lot of things. What happens if you are not a victim? And where can you turn for help? All information at a glance.

We will call you and send you a letter

If the UHT believes you do not meet the conditions for restoration, we will call you. We will also send you a letter (decision rejecting the application). This letter contains an enclosure from the municipality. It tells you how your municipality can help and support you.

Lodging an objection

Pleae reach out to your contact person first if you do not agree with the rejection. They might be able to clearify any unclearities for you. Or answer any other questions you have. If they are unable to help you with the rejection, the contact person can help you lodge an objection.

Pause button for public debts stops

From the moment you applied to the UHT for assessment of your childcare benefit, your debts to a public institution (public debts) were paused. These are your public debts that were incurred before 1 January 2021.

This means that you temporarily did not have to pay these public debts. Now that we have assessed that you are not a victim, this pause button stops. This means that you have to start paying these public debts.

Warning!  Pause button also stops if an objection is lodged

Even if you lodge an objection, the pause button will stop.

Public creditor sends you letter

Does the assessment show that you are not a victim? If so, every public creditor will send you a letter about your outstanding debt. If you have public debts with several creditors, you will receive several letters. The letter from the creditor contains information about the outstanding debt that you have to pay. And information about a payment arrangement. Do you have a question about this letter? Or do you want a payment arrangement? Then contact the creditor.

Need any help? Please contact your municipality

Do you need any help? The municipality can help you. For example with work, health or your family. You decide whether you want help from the municipality. It is not compulsory. And even if you have sought help in the past, the municipality is happy to look at the options again together with you.

Support team for parents abroad

If you currently live abroad, you may soon receive assistance from a special foreign support team (OTB). The OTB will offer affected parents and their families, if they need it, the broad support given by municipalities in the Netherlands. There are also plans to support parents if they want to go and live in the Netherlands again. If all goes according to plan, the OTB will start in the summer. 

Parents living in the Caribbean Netherlands

Only the Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius) will the procedure be different because they have a special status. The Tax and Customs Administration of the Caribbean Netherlands will support the parents there.

Do you have any questions?

Call the Service Team Benefit Restoration. You can also contact the Service Team with questions about victim support or when you need help from your municipality.

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