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All affected parents have the right to tell their story to the restoration organisation. Also parents who do not speak Dutch, or only a little bit. Sometimes this is difficult, because the parents and their personal case officer do not speak the same language. How do we solve this?

If a personal case officer notices that a parent would be better served in another language, he or she can do the following:

  1. Ensure that the parent gets another personal case officer who does speak the parent’s language. This is only possible if a personal case officer is available who speaks this language.
  2. Engaging an interpreter.

This is always done in consultation with the parent.

Translation by an interpreter

An interpreter translates what is said during the conversations between the parent and the personal case officer. The conversation with the interpreter can take place by telephone or on location.

The interpreters are not employed by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. They are hired through an interpreting agency. The parent does not have to pay for an interpreter.

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