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Authorise someone to act as your proxy

You can authorise someone else to deal with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration as your “proxy”, with the power to speak with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration on your behalf, and respond to letters and other forms of communication.

You can authorise anyone you wish, including a member of your family, a friend, or a neighbour. This person can also be someone you have a business relation with, such as an accountant or a lawyer.

No rules exist as to who you can authorise to act as your proxy. The sole requirement is that this person is aged 18 or over. It is also very important that you can fully trust this person to deal with your affairs in a proper way, since you will continue to be liable for the actions taken by your proxy. Once you have authorised someone to act as your proxy, we may still ask you for certain information.

How to authorise someone to act as my proxy?

  1. Apply for a reassessment;
  2. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your request;
  3. Complete the “Authorisation form" (Machtigingsformulier) enclosed with the confirmation of receipt.
  4. In this form you state which affairs your proxy is authorised for on your behalf.
  5. If you didn't receive the authorisation form, you can download the form here (Dutch, pdf). You can also contact our Service Team.

Later authorisation

It's possible to authorise someone to act as your proxy later in the restore process. This is possible from the moment you are assigned a personal case officer. Discuss this with your personal case officer. Your authorisation must be recorded in writing. You can download the authorisation form here (Dutch, pdf).

Revoking your authorisation

You can revoke your authorisation and grant it to someone else, or decide to handle your own affairs with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration at any moment. Inform your personal case officer about this. He or she will explain what you need to do to change your authorisation according to your wishes.

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