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Were your childcare benefits stopped in the period 2005 - 2019 and you don't know why? Please contact our Service Team Benefit Restoration to apply for a reassessment.

Please note!  Please note

Have you not registered yet, but would you like to do so? You can register until 31 December 2023.

Calling from the Netherlands

If you're calling from The Netherlands, you can reach us on 0800 2 358 358 (free of charge).

Calling from an other country

Calling the Service Team from abroad? Dial +31 555 385 385.

These are fixed lines. You pay the local cost of your country. Contact your provider for more information about the costs. 

If you need help urgently

If you need help urgently, do not hesitate to tell us so. Our Service Team will assess your situation with you.

What happens next?

What can you expect after you have applied for reassessment? Read the step by step plan towards restoration.

Help with registration is free of charge

We have received word of intermediaries providing help with the registration for schemes, such as housing benefit, healthcare benefit, and child-related budget, against payment. You cannot register for this scheme. At present, you can only register as a possible victim of the childcare allowance affair. All help with your registration in this connection is always provided free of charge.

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