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About the hzk scheme

Between 2005 and 2019, a certain group of people was disadvantaged with regard to rent allowance, care allowance and the child-related budget (hzk). This was because the government’s checks for allowance fraud were too strict. That should never have happened. If the scheme is intended for you, you are known to us.

Who is the hzk scheme for?

The hzk scheme is intended for people who:

What does the scheme consist of?

The scheme consists of two elements:

  • People who have been treated with institutional bias will still receive the amount they are entitled to. And we provide a compensation of 30% on the amount they are entitled to.


  • People who wrongly received an O/GS stamp were not offered a personal payment scheme or no cooperation was given in a debt settlement. They will receive a compensation of 30% of the amount that had to be repaid.
Please note!  Calculation examples

Below, we give two examples of what happened. And what that means.

Example 1: Jane receives rent allowance and care allowance. Together that is an amount of € 1,200 per year. In 2012, she was treated with institutional bias because she was involved in a fraud investigation. She must therefore repay € 600. That was unjustified and therefore an error of the government. She will still receive the € 600 because she is entitled to it. And because an error was made, she also receives 30% of € 600 (€ 180). So in total, she receives € 600 + € 180 = € 780. If Jane was never able to pay back the € 600 or has already paid it back, she will not receive the € 600 again. In that case, she will only receive the compensation of € 180.

Example 2: Jim receives care allowance every year. It is € 900 per year. In 2016, Jim earns extra income. That is why he is only entitled to € 500 care allowance in 2016. So he must repay € 400. But he cannot pay it back in one go, nor can he do this in 24 months. He calls for a personal payment scheme. He asks if Belastingdienst/Toeslagen wants to look at his financial situation and then determine an amount per month. However, Belastingdienst/Toeslagen thinks that Jim deliberately did not declare his extra income. They do not ask why Jim did not report his extra income and assume without proof that he did so on purpose. He receives an O/GS stamp. That means he will not be offered a personal payment scheme and will have to repay the € 400 in 24 months. But Jim did not withhold his extra income on purpose. The O/GS stamp was therefore unjustified. Toeslagen should have asked more about what happened. They made an error. Because this error, he will receive a compensation of 30% of the amount he rightly had to repay. That is 30% of € 400: € 120.